What is BioStacking? 

Unlock the Secrets of Optimal Health & Wellness

BioStacking is a holistic health and wellness concept that involves the strategic combination of various therapies, treatments, and programs to achieve more rapid and potent results. By integrating and optimizing these sensory inputs, biostacking aims to accelerate the body's natural healing processes, promote overall wellness, and address a range of health challenges more effectively. 



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Revolutionalizing Healthcare with Dr. Howard Cohn 

For over 34 years, Dr. Howard Cohn is committed to bringing you cutting-edge health solutions. Today, Dr. Cohn assembles the very best industry experts who have mastered the art of biostacking to unlock peak performance and vitality.



The BioStacking Impact

From renewed energy levels to improved mental clarity, our community shares their journeys of reclaiming vitality and optimizing health. Explore these testimonials to witness the tangible impact of Dr. Cohn's innovative approach to wellness.

"Such great information. Thank you Dr. Cohn! Incredible sessions."

Judy Stallcop

"WOW!! So informative, looking forward to getting more education!"

Carrie Alcoser

"Loved everything about this summit. Incredible speakers."

Paula Logan

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz’s In the Trenches Interview. I really enjoyed your interview. Good stuff!


Phenomenally brilliant! Dr. Patrick Porter is also humble and generous. Love him and all of his work!

Alexis St. John

Thank you Dr. Miller...such great information. Thank you Dr. Cohn! Incredible sessions.

Judy Stallcop

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Decades of Professional Healthcare Experience 

Featured Bonus Speakers 

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Tuesday May 28th

Dr. Jenn Simmons, MD

Dr. Jenn Simmons, MD, specializes in integrative oncology. As the founder of, she brings a holistic approach to healthcare, blending functional medicine with conventional oncology practices. Dr. Simmons specializes in guiding women through their breast cancer journey.

Wednesday, May 29th

Dr. Paul Ling Tai

Professor Dr. Paul Ling Tai, the esteemed President and Chairman of BARM, Brasil-American Anti-Aging Regenerative Medical Society. With over five decades of expertise, he is revered as the "Doctor of Doctors," pioneering the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  

Thursday, May 30th

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, DC

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, DC, a leading voice in vibrant health. As the author of "Get Off Your Acid" and a noted celebrity nutritionist, he's on a mission to redefine wellness through the alkaline diet. With personal experience overcoming health hurdles, Dr. Gioffre offers insights and strategies for lasting vitality.

Friday, May 31st

Dr. Noah Moos, DC

Dr. Moos combines low force chiropractic and rehab techniques with Eastern Medicine Principals to try to uncover the root cause of dysfunction. His work at Health Plus ATX has included treatment of athletes that have played in the NFL & NBA, as well as athletes that have competed in the Olympics. 

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Dr. Patrick Porter, Phd

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