Dr. Howard Cohn speaking to kidsDr. Howard Cohn’s true passion is helping others and especially children as their minds are still learning about what it means to be positive. On March 2016, Dr. Cohn joined his sister, Linda Cohn of ESPN SportCenter, to inspire kids to “Find the Positive”. In this inspiring campaign, Dr. Cohn was asked to emcee the event at Valadez Intermediate School in Anaheim, CA where 700+ teens got to hear the inspiring story of Linda Cohn. Special guests as the Superintendent of the Anaheim School district, several school board members, and the Mayor of Anaheim were present at this special event.
Dr. Cohn introduced important panel members and also spoke to the kids about the great opportunity that have before them to achieve greatness. He mentioned that they should embrace these years to find what makes them special, unique, and excited. As he introduced Linda Cohn on stage, the teens were mesmerized at what they were about to hear. From the set of ESPN to their school, Dr. Cohn shared how Linda Cohn was brought to their school for a reason – to inspire them to Find the Positive.
Find the Positive with Dr. Howard CohnOf course, Linda Cohn related quickly to the teens with her charismatic charm. Linda spoke strongly about how she was once a teen, how she listened to depressing music, and how she didn’t have the best of grades but she found her calling through sports. Her rise to achieve greatness came about when she discovered hockey. Having played on an all boys hockey team was a great feeling and she felt excited again. Her love of sports and hockey made her stronger and she is continually finding the positive. After speaking to the large crowd of teens, Dr. Cohn introduced the Mayor Tom Tait of Anaheim to give Linda Cohn a unique certificate from the City of Anaheim as well as a special coin only passed on through the military tradition. Following the speaking event, Linda Cohn went on to mentor a small group of girls with a Q & A session.
Dr. Cohn mentors kids through hockeyThe eventful day was filled with even more mentoring as both Dr. Howard Cohn and Linda Cohn joined another group of kids in an after school program sponsored by Goals.org to mentor them through hockey. This came easy for both Cohns as hockey is very much a part of the lives. At the Anaheim Ducks training facility where the kids receive free hockey equipment and training through Goals, Dr. Howard Cohn and Linda Cohn participated in several drills with the kids.

IMG_6789-208 (1)“What a great experience it was for both Linda and I to give back and help these kids though hockey. It was truly rewarding.”