Thanks to Quantum Neurology, we can help patients who suffer from nervous system injuries. Watch this video testimonial on how Rebecca Moss, mother of our patient, recount how quantum neurology helped her daughter heal after a concussion injury.
Rebecca Moss’s daughter suffered a concussion to the back of her head after a cheer leading practice when she was accidentally dropped. The ER discharged the patient and said that nothing could be done for her. One of the symptoms that was pronounced occurred when her head was tilted slightly, her brain would scramble any writing. She couldn’t read a magazine that was lying on the table or This patient experienced scrambled or an advertisement on TV if her eyes were slightly bent. So, the patient visited Dr. Howard Cohn where he harmonized the cranial nerves that to the vision and corrected that balance. The patient could now read or and look at printed material.
A special thank you to Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation for giving patients the opportunity to live their lives again after suffering injuries to their nervous system.