Dr-Cohn-Gold-Coast-OCT2015Results speak for themselves, and Dr. Cohn’s Australian tour was a complete success! Australia is buzzing with Rank Advancements and Fast Track Qualifications, with both new and existing Associates feeling re-energised and re-focused on sharing the SevenPoint2 Business Opportunity and the 7.2 Products.

Dr. Cohn travelled to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast on his whirlwind tour of Australia, sharing product knowledge, the message of Alkalinity and the vision of the SevenPoint2 business opportunity.

“In the highest appreciation, we thank Dr. Howard Cohn for clearly instilling the SevenPoint2 vision in us all and structuring our teams for massive long term growth.” Corey & Michelle McIvor, Perth, AustraliaDr Howard Cohn Melbourne Australia Tour

“Dr Cohn’s visit to Perth changed my life in such a way that is almost hard to put into words. I have gained an unshakable belief in SevenPoint2. Learning how the company and products are being marketed so as to change all our lives has left me a different person. His integrity and experience speaks volumes, and his visit showed me we can ALL do this! My fear of rank advancing disappeared the moment he told me he believed in me. I am forever a changed woman”.

Amber Poole, Perth Australia – “SevenPoint2 is the first company in history to make it simple and easy to get and stay alkaline!

Thanks to SevenPoint2’s great-tasting organic, vegan, and gluten-Free products, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are discovering the tremendous health benefits of alkalizing their body.” Charles Kaluwasha, Perth, Australia

“Dr. Howard Cohn was so awesome, he blew us all away! We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out here in Sydney!” Damiano Nicolaci, Sydney Australia