What happens when we encounter a new thought or insight or what we believe to be an idea whose time has come?  We may run to tell our friends all about it, we may envision how the world may change because of it, or we may just envision what it is and what it does for us.  When we arrive at this awakening and see how it transforms us, if it is a true dynamic vision, its power comes when we give it away.  How is this done though?  If the idea is a new one it may meet with skepticism.  If it opposes modern doctrine it may meet with criticism, and if it is powerful enough to transform a nation it may even be vehemently opposed.  From the context of, “How can I change the thoughts and actions of a nation so set in their ways?” we can easily slip into overwhelm and this creates no action.  When we share with another one-on-one, we create the opportunity for learning and action.

Connecting the Pieces Story

Connecting the pieces with Dr. Howard Cohn
A story is often told of a little girl who was vying for her father’s attention.  The father, however, was engrossed in a championship football game that was on the television.  The little girl asked her father if he would play question and answer with her where she asked him questions and he answered them.  The questions were along the lines of: Why is there world hunger?  Why do people get sick when they get old?  Why its there war and fighting in the world?  and so on.  The father at the time could conceive of doing nothing other than watching the football game.  In the hope that his daughter would let him watch the game, he quickly took a picture of the planet earth that had been torn out of a magazine, ripped it into about 200 pieces, told his daughter that it was a puzzle of the world and when she was done assembling it that he would answer her questions. He had figured that it would take at least two hours if it was at all possible to assemble the picture of the earth.

Transform the World with a simple idea

Five minutes later, the little girl returned to her father with the puzzle completely assembled and every piece perfectly placed.  Stunned at what she had done, he turned to her and asked, “How could you have possibly done this in five minutes?”  She went on to tell her father, “On the other side of the picture of the earth was a picture of a man.  I figured that if I could put the man back together, the earth would take care of itself.”  He gazed at his daughter and began to cry, as he was taught a lesson big enough to transform the world.
So what can you do?  What can one person do to change the world?  Share.  Share your experience with another person.  Tell them about how an unhealthy person can change into a healthy one.  Share the gift of health and well being.  Share your experience with chiropractic, acupuncture, Cranial Sacral therapy, NET, NAET, Applied Kinesiology and natural health care, and experience how the thoughts and actions of a nation can transform into an idea whose time has come, the idea of Ultimate Health.