Watch this video as Linda Cohn explains the condition and how advance chiropractic care at the Cohn Health Institute can make all the difference.
Even though it was over 2 decades ago, it’s as vivid as yesterday when Linda shared with me the she and her husband at the time were having difficulty getting pregnant. I seized the opportunity to explain to her about how a healthy nervous system functions and that when there is nerve interference due to a subluxation (misaligned vertebra), corresponding body parts may not function at an optimal level. Upon a simple Applied Kinesiology (AK) exam we determined that her sacrum, which can effect uterine function, was subluxated due to a combination of years of ice hockey and sitting behind a news desk.
I gave Linda her first chiropractic adjustment snd she was pregnant the very next month.
With my 3 year old niece Sammy, it was even more dramatic. We did the same AK analysis, found that her atlas (the top vertebra in her neck was subluxated due to a simple head injury that happens to millions of children, daily. We adjusted her atlas, and viola’, her crossed eye straightened out right before our eyes. Another chiropractic Miracle! Just like the ones that have been happening daily at the Cohn Health Institute daily for the last 26 years.