Linda Cohn shares her favorite SevenPoint2 receipes

Growing up with my sister, Linda Cohn, we didn’t always have the most nutritious foods as we have today. Making that radical change to giving our body the best fuel with SevenPoint2 is easy. As we get together again in the kitchen and have fun talking about the great products of SevenPoint2, we hope to share with the world that we are so fortunate to have the greens, shakes, boosters, and recovery within our reach. Linda Cohn who is my famous ESPN sportscaster sister just loves the product and I am so happy to share that she really takes it daily. As an athlete herself, having played on an all boys hockey team and now living the dream job reporting on her favorite topic – Sports, Linda works hard at keeping healthy and looking great. She comes in regularly to get her chiropractic adjustment whenever she is in town and gets the full health treatment at the Cohn Health Institute and picks up her SevenPoint2 bag on the way out. Watch the following videos as Linda talks about her daily alkaline diet regimen with SevenPoint2 products.

Linda’s Secret Arsenal with SevenPoint2