Rest is vital for maintaining excellent health, and we all know that 7.2 Alkaline Booster is a great supplement for improving sleep! This secondary benefit gets so much press in fact, that many of us may not be aware of the Booster’s primary purpose: bicarbonate replenishment.SevenPoint2 Alkaline Booster
Kidneys are largely responsible for maintaining pH balance in our bodies[1]. When we become too acidic our kidneys rely on bicarbonate from our diets to neutralize acid and rebalance our inner pH. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts are great sources of this substance.   If we’re not eating enough of these foods then our kidneys are forced to extract emergency bicarbonate reserves from muscle and bone[2]. Over time this can lead to muscle wasting, premature aging, and brittle bones.  The Western diet, which is notoriously acidifying and low in bicarbonate, forces our kidneys into a perpetual process of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. This stresses our bodies and can lead to a wide variety of health problems including weight gain. The Alkaline Booster helps replenish bicarbonate reserves so kidneys can do the work that they are naturally designed to do efficiently and effectively[3-5]. Healthy kidneys improve overall health and longevity.
7.2 Alkaline Booster is a synergistic and fast acting combination of magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonates. They work together safely and effectively to rebuild the body’s bicarbonate buffer. Supplementing with Alkaline Booster every night at bedtime is great strategy for improving both sleep and longevity.