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7 figure summit

7 Figure Chiropractic Summit

Register now for 7 Figure Chiropractic Summit to hear Dr. Howard Cohn’s exclusive interview with Noah St. John on "How to Build a Multi-Doctor 7 Figure Cash Practice"

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Happy Minds Summit

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Mental Wellness in 2023!

Register now for the Happy Minds Summit to hear Dr. Howard Cohn’s exclusive interview on Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) For Relieving Stress and Emotional Trauma which will go live on September 5th.

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Gladden Longevity Podcast

Do you know the difference between prevention and early detection? This episode discusses how the body is designed to heal itself if given the right tools and allowed to function free of interference, that nutritional supplementation is a necessity, not a luxury, and that when working with patients if you’re not testing, you're guessing.

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Practice Upgrade Summit

Sugar is the Culprit

Dr. Cohn joins Dr. Paul Ling Tai and a selected panel of healthcare experts to discuss Conquering the Emotional Side of Sugar Addiction with NET: NeuroEmotional Technqiue. in the series - Sugar is the Culprit. Sponsored by the Brasil American Aging Regenerative Medical Society (BARM), register now for access and special offers.

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The Radiant Health Show

Was honored to be a guest on Dr. Christine Horner’s The  Check the 2 part series titled, “Health Made Simple” on my bio link or on iTunes, Spotify and IHeart Radio

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UpJourney Feature

I was honored to be one of  the featured health experts in the article, “Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women 2019 [According to 8 experts]” on

Seacret Elevate

Leadership to Legacy

Looking forward to speaking at the upcoming Leadership to Legacy 2019 event with Defining Your Imprint on the World with Dr. Howard Cohn, DC.

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QN Homecoming Event

Do You Have NI?
Honored to be presenting at the 2020 Quantum Neurology Virtual Homecoming with the founder of Quantum Neurology.

Practice Upgrade Summit

Practice Upgrade Summit

Honored to be invited to speak at the Master’s Circle Practice Upgrade Virtual Summit among industry giants.

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Michele McMahon Podcast

Michelle Mahon Show with Dr. Howard Cohn “Advocating Your Freedom & Health”

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How to Demystify AK

Great time at Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, speaking to the Logan AK Club and Applied Kinesiology class. The future looks bright for these docs to be who are getting ready to help a world in need.

Dead Chiropractic Society

Outstanding evening with four top Health & Freedom warriors! Sell out crowd showed up for information, inspiration, and community. Honored to have been invited to lead off the evening and help bring awareness, possibility and hope.

Seacret Elevate

64 Years of Functional Healthcare

Speaking with Dr. Steven Zodkoy, DC from Monmouth Advanced Medicine and the Director of the Resiliency Program on 64 Years of Functional Healthcare - Instagram LIVE.

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It's No Secret with Dr. T

🎙Catch the latest podcast with It's No Secret with Dr. T and find out how to improve your health without giving up the good life.

Seacret PlayBook

What an incredible weekend in Ft. Worth, TX at Playbook with Marc Accetta, Izhak Ben Shabat and the amazing Seacret community. Great Pre-Launch of our brand new, Life By Seacret Vitamin D3/K2 hi-potency, chewable tablets.

Seacret Elevate

Las Vegas with Seacret

It was an honor to share the Life by Seacret products and mission with this fired-up group. The health transformations in just 60 days were absolutely tear-jerking. The ever-expanding Seacret family are on a mission. 2100+ amazing humans leading with love, support, tenacity, certainty,
& fearlessness showing Vegas and the world a simple way to health, wealth & travel as well as how to party like a rock star

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World Winners Group

Great time in Korea at the WWG Seacret Winter Celebration. Great people, great energy, and pumped about Life by Seacret.

Seacret 2018 Korea Convention

What an honor being able to be on such a grand stage speaking to nearly 15,000 people this past Saturday about the evolution of SevenPoint2 into Life By Seacret and the future of Seacret Nutrition.

Seacret Elevate

Quantum Neurology Homecoming

Honored to be selected as a presenter at the Quantum Neurology Homecoming in Los Angeles, CA this weekend as well as winning the QN Ambassador award for the second year in a row. It was a great weekend hanging with some of the best doctors in the world.