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When it comes to your health, not just any brand will do. Dr. Cohn has tested and vetted thousands of products in the health and wellness industry over the past 30+ years. 

Seacret Nutrition

Plant Based, Organic Nutrition

Seacret nutrition products are designed to help you to transform the way you care for yourself. Whatever your challenge or goal – our high-quality dietary supplements cover a wide range of nutritional and lifestyle needs, from appetite control to immune system support, and more. 100% vegan and free of questionable ingredients, they are carefully formulated to promote both short and long-term health and are designed to boost your mind, body, and overall well-being for better living. Interested in Life by Seacret Products? Call our office at 714-754-8008 to place an order.

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Your Brain at its Best

The BrainTap system uses your mobile device, paired with the BrainTap Headset or headphones of your choice, to deliver a full suite of sessions that range across desired life outcomes and tap into different neural pathways in your brain. With over 1,800 unique sessions, you can focus on what's important to you.

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Hydrogen Enriched Water

Experience the benefits of advanced molecular hydrogen with hydrogen-enriched water. Our breakthrough hydration technology delivers powerful antioxidants that optimize cellular health, improve focus, and increase longevity. Say goodbye to ordinary water and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our hydrogen-enriched water. Order now and start feeling the difference! Note: Discount applied at checkout.

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Whole Body Wellness from the Palm of Your Hand

The AVACEN device is a safe and FDA-Cleared medical device used at CHI to help with a variety of health conditions such as stress, anxiety and disturbed sleeping patterns. The AVACEN operates by incorporating heat and negative pressure near the palm of the hand. This stimulation of this specific area helps local circulation and stimulates the function of vital organs and symptoms. 

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Triad Aer

Your Proactive Air Purifier

Welcome to the world of cleaner, higher-quality air. The Triad Aer air purification system makes it easy to escape stubborn smells and pollutants with an odorless system. With the Triad Aer system, you get the most advanced technology for ionization, oxidation, purification, and filtration.

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  • Triad Aer MINI (MSRP of $149.95) $29.80 discount = $119.20 total
  • Triad Aer GO (MSRP of $149.95) $29.80 discount = $119.20 total
  • Triad Aer SHIELD (MSRP of $149.95) $29.80 discount = $119.20 total
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EMF Rocks

Natures Gift of Frequency Healing

The best gift, is the gift of a deep, uninterrupted night's sleep. Our Grounding Bags give you that benefit. Our Grounding Bags are the most incredible, organic solution. These hand-mined crystals have been Wave Form Tested, pH tested, blood tested, mold tested, muscle tested, doctor tested and more to prove their undeniable benefits. Call our office at 714-754-8008 to order.

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